Body Aesthetics Treatments in Bristol Out tretments

Body Aesthetics Treatments in Bristol

Aesthetic treatments, also known as cosmetic treatments, are non-surgical procedures that are used to reduce the indications of ageing, rejuvenate, and freshen the skin.

They can be used on practically any part of the body, although the face, neck, décolletage, breasts and bum are the most prevalent.


Our Body Aesthetics Treatments

Anna Mak Beauty Clinic in Bristol offers a wide variety of aesthetic treatments like Body Slim & Sculpt, Non-Surgical Bum Lift, Non-Surgical Breast Lift and Fat Reductition Treatments.

Body Slim & Sculpt combines cutting-edge therapy technologies to successfully remove fat and build mussles at the same time. Slim Sculpt not only helps you lose inches of fat off your back, hips, stomach, arms, and legs, but it also helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

A Brazilian Bum Lift is a non-surgical procedure that lifts and sculpts the shape of your bum. Your preferred look can be obtained in a short period of time with minimal downtime. The majority of patients will show effects after just one session, but four to eight treatments are advised and can be done once a week.

Non-Surgical Breast Lift - you've undoubtedly heard about cupping if you're familiar with noninvasive surgical approaches.

A non-surgical breast lift is similar to cupping in that it uses a medical vacuum to raise loose breast skin off the pectoral muscles. Additionally, this technique might improve blood circulation and soften fat deposits in the breast.

The dvantages of this noninvasive breast lift include short recovery time, no scars and the immediate result after the treatment.


What to expect?

You can rely on Anna Mak Beauty Clinic to provide you with safe and effective aesthetic in Bristol. Anna is has got 18 years of experience in beauty industry, is qualified and adhere to the highest safety and quality standards. You can rest certain that you are in good hands with her.

Our clinic has full liability insurance and undergo regular, professional aesthetic training.

Non-surgical aesthetics procedures have less health concerns than surgical procedures and they often have fewer side effects.